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Currently, Jet Service Envelope has a staff of 13 people, producing an average of 8 million envelopes per month. >>

Hands down, our staff is what makes Jet Service Envelope Company stand out.  We have a long history (since 1915…) of serving our community, our customers and our families with time-honored traditions - namely, making our people count.  People always come first.  We welcome you to read about our rich history and see for yourself the top-notch service and quality envelopes you’ll receive from

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That’s right.  8 million envelopes produced every month.  Jet Service Envelopes specializes in:

Today, Jet Service Envelope offers 4 color process printing with the addition of the 4 color envelope press. There are only 6 specially designed envelope printing presses in Vermont and all 6 of them are at our Barre, Vermont location.

Jet Service Envelope Company was created in 1975 as a subdivision of the Modern Printing Co. which was founded in 1915 by V. Lafargo, a publisher of Italian and English language newspapers in Barre. Garth W. Blow purchased the company in 1945 and expanded the business into the leading printing establishment in Barre. In 1957, the Granite City Press was purchase and consolidated in the Modern Printing Co., which continued to grow and move to bigger locations.

Jet Service Envelope is pleased to announce our partnership with Accura Printing.

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