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Booklet Envelopes

Also known as “Open Side Envelopes,” these envelopes open on the longest side providing an easy pick-and-pack solution for document folders, booklets and presentations.

Booklet Envelopes are ideal for sending prospective clients needing a press kit, catalog, or in-depth information about your products or service.

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Booklet Envelopes

These are just a few of the many envelope styes Jet Service Envelope Company offers.  Don’t see what you need?  Contact us - we’ll find what you need.

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Booklet Window Envelopes

For companies who have printed return address information on their printed materials, the booklet window envelopes are ideal.

Commercial Envelopes

Jet Service Company’s most popular envelope.  Ideal for billing, company letterhead and other correspondence.

Commercial Regular & Window Tinted Envelopes

These tinted and window optional envelopes provide security for companies sending paychecks through the mail or in-house.

A-Line Envelopes

Named for the end-folds on the sides of the envelope, the A-Line envelopes are great for a more polished look to your envelope.

Bank Envelopes

Perfect for banks needing envelopes to secure money transactions to help customers easily carry their cash transactions.

Baronial Envelope

Baronial Envelopes are used to house formal invitations, wedding invitations, charity balls and significant correspondence that needs a VIP touch.

A-Line Envelopes Bank Envelopes Baronial Envelopes Booklet Window Envelopes Commercial Envelopes Commercial Window Tint Envelope

Commercial Postage Meter Style Envelopes

Ideal for mass-mailings, these commercial postage meter style envelopes work great for bulk mailings.

Commercial Window

For companies having addresses appearing on the invoice, check or mailpiece intended for shipping.

Coupon Remittance Envelopes

Remittance envelopes are used for non-profits or organizations looking for an easy way for contributors to send their donations.

Commercial Postage Meter Size Envelope Commercial Window Envelope Coupon Remittance Envelope

Easy-to-Seal  Envelopes

No licking, wetting or time-consuming labor, these easy-to-seal envelopes come with adhesive ready to mail.

Open End Envelopes

Also known as Catalog Envelopes, these envelopes have the flap on the short side of the envelope.  Perfect for books, catalogs and larger publications.

Recycled Regular & Window Envelopes

 Recycled envelopes are less harmful to the environment, reduce energy use and tree harvesting.  In many different styles and colors.

Easy-Seal Envelope Open End Envelopes Recycle Envelopes

Great, fast customer service.  We had a major advertising campaign that needed to get out the door quickly.  Jet Service came to the rescue with envelopes that got the project out the door on time and on budget.

George Smith,

ABC Company

Barre, VT

Have counted on Jet Service Envelopes for our payroll check envelopes for going on 10 years.  Always dependable, friendly and LOCAL.

Jane Talbot

DEF Company

Burlington, VT

Our bank has custom-printed money envelopes.  We just send our order to Jet Service and we always get quality envelopes at a great price.  Great Quality and great price.

Stephanie Allen

GHI Company

Stowe, VT